faceBoardPro is an open source Facebook marketing software, used to manage multiple Facebook accounts operated by businesses to promote their brand and products. It’s a web-based tool which help you to automate your regular Facebook tasks with few clicks and can be run from its website and provide the access from any computer. It helps you to create and manage multiple accounts, manage your social communities, fans and followers groups, brand pages, apps and much more. Basically faceboardPro is a time savvy automated marketing software for Facebook which can automatically update your regular tasks and make your brand's presence influencing over the networks.

GitHub : https://github.com/socioboard/faceboard
Website : http://faceboardpro.com/


twtBoardPro is an open source twitter marketing platform. The product is solely created to manage multiple Twitter accounts. twtBoardPor enables you to harness the real power of “the SMS of the internet” and help you to automate your regular activity like tweets, re-tweets, following favorites etc. It lets you target with precision, spread your message, connect directly with your audience, manage all campaigns and do much more to make sure you get your ultra productive on twitter by maximizing your brand exposure with this software.

GitHub : https://github.com/socioboard/twtboard
Website : http://twtboardpro.com/


inBoardPro is a LinkedIn marketing software which can assist you in managing your overall LinkedIn marketing campaign. With inboardpro, you can create and manage multiple Linkedin accounts, can easily send off invitations to your connections for joining your Linkedin community, easily update status to your different groups with a single click, flexibility to create open as well as close groups, post automated updates, flexibility to import certain selective members to send them messages personally and do a whole lot of things on Linkedin.

GitHub : https://github.com/socioboard/inboard
Website : http://www.inboardpro.com/


GramboardPro is an impressive Instagram automation tool which can manage all your Instagram accounts and tasks. It provides a full range of account settings to help you increase your Instagram likes, followers, and comments. Gramboardpro is an open source Instagram marketing software which can automate your marketing activity and help you to generate following of real people who're actually interested in your business..
GitHub : https://github.com/socioboard/gramboard
Website : http://gramboardpro.com/

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